Joe Renzetti Film Composer

 Works for Concert

This video contains a glowing recommendation.

The 1912 Overture by Joe Renzetti.


"Echo" A work for 4 Classical-Acoustic Guitars.

Performed by the Quartetto Chitarristico Italiano.

"American 1935 - A String Quartet Lost On River Road"  Part one:

The Lenape String Quartet.

"A Fugue" From the "Sonata For Orchestra."

By The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra.

"Blues For Me?"  - A work for Orchestra and piano.

Performed buy the China National Symphony Orchestra.

A Wind Quintet. "Des  Magique Qui N'Existe Pas"

By Un Mazzo Che Possono Giocare

"The 1912 Overture" A lesser known of the dated overtures.

By The Ensemble InterContemporain.

"First Chair" A concerto featuring first chair players in the orchestra.

Each solo; a difficult motif stressing virtuosity,  answered by the orchestra in true concerto style.

"Holiday Furioso" The Trenton Pops Orchestra"

"Thanks for making me aware of Stockhausen’s version of

Charles Ives’s arrangement of

'Silent Night.' It fans the flame of the Yule-log no end.

 Much obliged"  - Peter Schickel.