Joe Renzetti Film Composer Backstory
Film career: addapted the music of Buddy Holly to the film "The Buddy Holly Story." Taught the actors to play their instruments, and sing the Holly songs from scratch. They were filmed in a live on-camera performance. Using muti-track recording, the actors performed live as a band. This technique was a first for film, and won the Oscar for the “Best Adaptation Score." -- Joe Renzetti scored the classic horror film "Child's Play."
-- Recently scored episodes of Twisted Tales by Tom Holland for FEARnet.
-- Scored episodes of Tales From The Crypt - the classic from HBO
Joe Renzetti being presented with an Oscar Arranging career: Arranged the top-ten records: Sunny, by Bobby Hebb, - Ninety-Eight Point Six, by Keith - Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie, by Jay and the Techniques - Mandy, by Barry Manilow Huff and Gamble's - We'll be United The Intruders - -- Joe Renzetti scores films and TV shows, composes works for orchestra, chamber groups, and solo artists.